The whole show, the program and the hardware of the FIREMASTER PLUS V is completely managed by the main console TX6000.

Still retaining many of the previous characteristics of its predecessors (TX2000, TX5000) the new TX6000 has been largely improved in order to made simple and practical the management of the huge number of lines and functions provided by the FIREMASTER PLUS V.

TX6000 is built in a IP67 Ultra High Impact Copolymer Polypropylene case, equipped with Double-step latches, stainless steel reinforced padlock protector, fold-down and rubberized handle and automatic pressure equalization valve.

While retaining the classical mechanical keyboard for the data entry, the TX6000 use a modern and resistive GRAPHIC COLOR LCD SCREEN WITH A TOUCH SCREEN PANEL (800×480 pixels).

The large use of graphic icons instead of simple numeric presentation, greatly improves and simplify the data entry and the function selection making the use of the console really intuitive even for the user at the first approach with the new System.


The increased number of data to be exchanged between the Main Console and the Peripheral Units RX6000 calls for a much faster communication system with respect the previous models.

On the main panel you can find all the buttons and connectors necessary for the operation of the system. Ignition is managed and kept safe thanks to a key selector, which can be removed by the user. Manual ignition is managed by two buttons (one for ARM and one for FIRE), in order to have two-hand control, and therefore greater safety. On the panel there are two different sockets for the shooting synch audio input (RCA and JACK) and one XLR socket dedicated to the SMPTE connection.

The TX6000 uses an internal rechargeable 12v sealed lead acid battery, which is recharged by its OWN INTERNAL SYSTEM controlled by a dedicated microprocessor and a series of control circuits that continuously monitor the state of charge and operating conditions.

Max Remote Units 9.999
Max Lines per System 239.976
Communication Mode NBFM
Communication Speed 1200 BAUD
Communication System Wireless BI-Directional
Mean Coverage Range From 1 to 10 km
Error Correction Yes (3 Attempts)
Microcontrollers 4 (8-16-32 BIT)
Main CPU Clock Speed 80MHz
USB 2 port USB2.0
RS-485 Yes
WLAN Yes (option)
Data Storage 4GB
Batteries 12V Lead-Acid Sealed
Charger Internal Automatic
Display Graphic color (800x480) Resistive LCD Touch Screen
Music Synch Internal audio tone synch interface
Timecode Internal SMPTE interface
Show Program Loading Direct with USB Pen Drive
Size 40.6 x 33 x 17.4 mm
Weight 9kg
Color Black

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