BW6K - LoRa (Long range Antenna for EXT6K)

The BW6K, is a special antenna needed for the communication from RX6000 to EXT6K.

The BW6K is composed of one body made inside a NICKEL SILVER case size 90x 30 x 25 mm, one Male UHF connector and one rubber antenna. The total size is 175 x 25 x 60mm (connector included).

The radio frequency of the BW6K is operating in the 868MHz SRD band, and in open field (with a very good frequency condition) can cover a range of also around 500 meters. Each BW6K can be programmed in 5 different Channels, in order to avoid any interference between each RX6000 communication. That’s mean that in the range of the radio operating, only 5 different RX6000 can operate at same time. Each channel includes one RX6000 complete of 20 EXT6K (Units). More than one RX6000 with same channel cannot operate together inside the same cover range.

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