Built in a small and sturdy metal box (280 x 50 x 80 mm), the EXT6K unit can manage up to 24 independent lines. On top there is a PMMA [Poly (methyl methacrylate)] panel with the necessaries binding post to connect 24 separated lines. All necessaries indicator LED are in the Front Panel. On one side there is a POM (Polyoxymethylene) plate with 2 UHF female connectors, connected in series. On the other side there is a PVC label with serial number, that could be used also to mark the Unit number and the eventual position. The labels can be written on with an indelible pen and are easy to clean. On the bottom there is a protective rubber and also a M6 metal insert for eventual fixing use.

The Unit Extension EXT6K HAS NO BATTERY INTERNALLY but receives the voltage needed for the internal circuits and the firing power, DIRECTLY from the RX6000 Unit (if connected by cable or an External Battery for WIFI mode).


A series of high value capacitors is charged to the battery value (12V) when the EXT6K is connected and performs as ENERGY STORAGE for the firing lines. The voltage is maintained constant until the energy is required to fire one or more lines. A dedicated step-up circuit DOUBLES the battery voltage, charging the capacitors up to 24V and maintaining CONSTANT this value until the firing moment, virtually WITHOUT drawing further energy from the battery. When the cable is connected to the main RX6000 (or an external Battery), the capacitors reach the rated voltage in less than 3 seconds.

When the connection cable is removed, within 2 seconds a dedicated circuit DISCHARGES the capacitors and the EXT6K immediately becomes a COMPLETELY PASSIVE DEVICE allowing to be transported and managed even with the squibs ALREADY CONNECTED.

Thanks to these features, squib connections can be thus made well before the show in the lab and the whole System can be placed on the firing site ALREADY WIRED with a dramatic time saving!

Each EXT6K is provided with 24 SINGLE binding posts, to connect a total of 24 independent firing lines.


Each line must use one of the 8 COMMON RAIL available, that’s mean that in each common rail binding posts can be connected 3 common of 3 different lines. Using standard igniters with a resistance of 1.5 to 2 ohm, it will possible to connect no more than 10 devices IN SERIES and no more than 8 IN PARALLEL (the latter configuration IS NOT SUGGESTED anyway).

The EXT6K Units on field are subject to burning fallout with consistent risk of permanent damage of the plastic front-panel. To avoid this problem, need to use the special COVER supplied as an accessory for the EXT6K.

The special Cover of the EXT6K, thanks to the particular silicon structure, grants a good protection against burning, water spillage or raining.

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