Current fireworks display requires firing systems that are increasingly performing, flexible and capable of managing a large number of firing lines on each position. The evolution of the Firemaster Plus V system has raised up to ten times the previous limit of 48 lines per receiver, so as to be able to manage up to a maximum of 480 lines for each receiver.

A modern Firing System must be maximally flexible in order to cover all the needs required by extremely complex and huge shows and to adapt itself to the most variable locations characteristics (plain ground, towers, buildings, floating rafts, etc.).

These requirements call for a totally new concept in designing a peripheral RX UNIT: no more a RX UNIT fitted with a large and fix number of lines, but instead a RX UNIT with the possibility to be configured each time ON THE FIELD with the necessary number of lines and the possibility to distribute these lines with the maximum freedom as possible, both using long connection cables or using a TOTALLY BI-DIRECTIONAL WIRELESS communication system, thus increasing further the freedom for the SHOW DESIGNER.

The new SYSTEM FIREMASTER V has been designed with clearly in mind the necessity to satisfy as long as possible all of these requirements.


The Receiver RX6000 instead to have the firing lines connectors placed on the panel, has been fitted with 4 programmable COMMUNICATION LINES: each line can program and drive from one up to five 5 Unit EXT6K for a maximum of 20 EXTENSION UNIT. Each EXT6K is provided with 24 individual FIRING LINES and the User is free to set the EXTENSIONS just as required by the show needs, any number multiple of 1 to 20 and any combination.

The RX6000 is built in a IP67 Ultra High Impact Copolymer Polypropylene case, equipped with Double-step latches, stainless steel reinforced padlock protector, fold-down and rubberized handle and automatic pressure equalization valve. The RX6000, is completely AUTONOMOUS and its INTERNAL BATTERIES (with integral automatic recharging circuitry) can deliver both the power for its internal circuitry and the +12V power supply to the EXTENSIONS without needs for other external “boxes”, power supply or adapters: just a single coaxial cable carrying all: command signals and power.

The frontal panel contain all the buttons and connectors necessary for the operation of the system, included: a 20 characters x 4 lines monochrome LCD display module, four keys to individually set and test all Units and lines.

Max RX6000 managed by TX6000 500
Max EXT6K managed by RX6000 20
Max Lines per RX6000 480
Communication Mode NBFM
Communication Speed 1200 BAUD
Communication System Wireless BI-Directional
Mean Coverage Range From 1 to 10 km
Error Correction Yes (3 Attempts)
Remotely Activation YES
Units Cables Connection mode Coaxial RG-58 cable
Unit Wireless Connection Mode Yes ( with Bi-directional LoRa RTX )
USB 1 port USB2.0 (Option)
RS-485 Yes
Batteries Up to 3 pcs 12V Lead-Acid Sealed
Charger Internal Automatic
Eventual External power source YES
Display 20 characters x 4 lines monochrome LCD display
Show Program Data Storage YES
Size 40.6 x 33 x 17.4 mm
Weight 13kg ( with 2 batteries)
Color Black

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